Oct 192012

In fact, modify the  timezone setting for MAMP is to modify PHP’s timezone setting. If different settings for PHP’s timezone and your computer timezone, the PHP and MySQL logs time will be not correct.   Key to solve the problem is to find the right PHP configuration file php.ini.   Start the MAMP servers, click “Open [Read More >>]

Aug 092012
How To Download HD YouTube Video Free

As we all know, there are a lot of videos on YouTube, many HD videos creation and production are very beautiful. If you want to download to your desktop PC or watch these videos on the mobile device for free, what should I do? Enter  “how to download YouTube videos free” in Google, we will find [Read More >>]

Apple VS Google

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Aug 062012
Apple VS Google

With the release of  iOS 6 Beta 4, default YouTube.app, the heavyweight Google application removed from the iOS, interested users will have to use YouTube in the Safari browser or waiting for Google is working on a new YouTube app. Earlier, Apple announced that they will use Apple’s own map interface in iOS6. It seems that [Read More >>]

Sites And Software That Provides Downloading And Conversion Service From YouTube Maybe Have Trouble

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Jul 042012

From the beginning of last month, YouTube’s lawyers have made a lawyer’s letter  to a number of websites (such as yotube-mp3.org, Music-Clips.net)  and threatened them will bear the legal consequences if they continued downloading and conversion services  from YouTube. Meanwhile, some software download sites (such as CNET), also start deleting YouTube to MP3 software at the request of YouTube. [Read More >>]

Jun 282012

How to download your favorite music from YouTube music videos or convert to MP3 and listen them? At this point, three ways, the first approach is to use sites that provide downloads and conversion services, such as YouTube-MP3.org, www.video2mp3.net, www.vidtomp3.com, and so on, these sites provide a good service, and most of them are free. You [Read More >>]

Sep 212011

There is a fault when I try to update iTunes to 10.4.1 with Apple Software Update, The message tell me that I should try to update it manually, but it doesn’t work either. My environment is win7 64bit. Solutions: Uninstall the old version iTunes and Quicktime. Download the newest iTunes installer from http://www.apple.com/itunes/download/ Reinstall it.