Apr 262010

‘PLANTS VS ZOMBIES’ is the best game in my iPhone, I very like it. Yesterday, I make it’s music vidoe as my iPhone Ringtone, below show the steps.

  • Download ‘Zombies on Your Lawn’ music video mp3 from PopCap.
  • Download ‘ImTOO iPhone Ringtone Maker’ from ImTOO, it’s shareware, the trial version has ‘Only up to 10 seconds and no clip function’ limitation.
  • Run the softwar and add the mp3 and make it.
  • 'ZombiesOnYourLawn' Ringtone by ImTOO Ringtone Maker

    'ZombiesOnYourLawn' Ringtone by ImTOO Ringtone Maker

    Click Settings on iPhone, Sounds->Ringtone->Custom, Ok, the ‘Zombies On Your Lawn’ as your iPhone Ringtone.

Apr 162010

I wrote a MusicPlayer in Flash AS3, I must get the length of the music(mp3) first when I create the progress of mp3 loading and playing. But, the Sound.id3 don’t include the [TLEN]  specification in as3, So I can’t get the length before the sound finished loading. I must find other way.

Below I will list the solution.

When the MusicPlayer load and play the mp3, I can get three value, the sound.bytesTotal, sound.bytesLoaded and sound.length. Divid sound.bytesLoaded by sound.length, get the bytes per milliseconds, divid sound.bytesTotal by that number, get the estimated mp3 length.

var musicLength:Number = sound.bytesTotal / (sound.bytesLoaded/sound.Length)

Just put this script in a Timer, After the Timer start(mp3 playing), you will get the mp3 length.

Of course, the value is an estimated number, If you want to the most accurate length, you should get the length by sound.length after sound finished loading.


Apr 142010

Drupal or WordPress? Because I had tried drupal before, felt it was complicated and it’s free theme is not beautiful. So, in the end, I chose WordPress, an easy to use system.

After chosen the WordPress, my first Hosting choice is BlueHost . It is the number one in the recommended Hosting list by WordPress, but I can’t access the IP that BlueHost assigned me from China, If I want to use it, I must gladder. 🙂 So, I chose DreamHost, so far, everything looks better.