Jun 302010

Install Drupal with Nginx, default, you can’t enable the Clean URL function, you have to edit nginx.conf file and add the URL rewrite rules. If Drupal install in the root directory, if (!-e $request_filename) { rewrite  ^/(.*)$  /index.php?q=$1  last; break; } if drupal in a subdirectory, if ($request_uri ~* ^.*/.*$) { rewrite ^/(\w*)/(.*)$ /$1/index.php?q=$2 last; [Read More >>]

Jun 202010

The default title of  xhelp form, action and button are ‘Log Ticket’, if you will change it, open the file, /modules/xhelp/language/english/main.php, and position to these lines, 161: define(‘_XHELP_TITLE_ADDTICKET’, ‘Log Ticket’); 340: define(‘_XHELP_MENU_LOG_TICKET’, ‘Log Ticket’); 350:define(‘_XHELP_BUTTON_ADDTICKET’, ‘Log Ticket’); XOOPS Version: 2.4.5 RC3 PHP Version: 5.2.13 xhelp Version: 0.78(Beta)

Jun 202010

Open ‘/modules/smartfaq/class/faq.php’, Position to line 1311, $grantedFaq->add(new Criteria(‘faqid’, “(“.implode(‘,’, $faqsGranted).”)”, ‘IN’), ‘OR’); , Change these line to $grantedFaq->add(new Criteria(‘faq.faqid’, “(“.implode(‘,’, $faqsGranted).”)”, ‘IN’), ‘OR’); , Position to line 1408, $sql .= ‘ AND faqid IN (‘.implode(‘,’, $items).’)’; Change these line to $sql .= ‘ AND faq.faqid IN (‘.implode(‘,’, $items).’)’; My System Overview: XOOPS Version: 2.4.5 RC3 [Read More >>]

Jun 012010

My WordPress host on Dreamhost share hosting, it’s superexcellence, but, you know, Dreamhost has the 7M MAX upload filesize limit, so I can’t do something. I checked the Dreamhost Discussion Forum and google www, find a real and simple way to resolve it. Here’s how: Set up your domain for FastCGI Login your Dreamhost, enter [Read More >>]