Apr 262010

‘PLANTS VS ZOMBIES’ is the best game in my iPhone, I very like it. Yesterday, I make it’s music vidoe as my iPhone Ringtone, below show the steps.

  • Download ‘Zombies on Your Lawn’ music video mp3 from PopCap.
  • Download ‘ImTOO iPhone Ringtone Maker’ from ImTOO, it’s shareware, the trial version has ‘Only up to 10 seconds and no clip function’ limitation.
  • Run the softwar and add the mp3 and make it.
  • 'ZombiesOnYourLawn' Ringtone by ImTOO Ringtone Maker

    'ZombiesOnYourLawn' Ringtone by ImTOO Ringtone Maker

    Click Settings on iPhone, Sounds->Ringtone->Custom, Ok, the ‘Zombies On Your Lawn’ as your iPhone Ringtone.