Aug 092012
As we all know, there are a lot of videos on YouTube, many HD videos creation and production are very beautiful. If you want to download to your desktop PC or watch these videos on the mobile device for free, what should I do?
Enter  “how to download YouTube videos free” in Google, we will find many free websites and software that provide such services, however, most of them can only download SD YouTube videos, for those with 720p or 1080P HD YouTube videos, these free websites and software can not do it. Before, The AVCWARE published the Free YouTube Video Downloader that can download HD  video from YouTube, but this feature was removed from them latest free version. Fortunately, I have a copy of the earlier version of this software (version: 3.3.0 build-20120525), still preserved download HD YouTube videos feature in this free version.
Need to be aware of is that in this version, if you use copy and paste the YouTube video URL to download, so you can only get standard definition video. If you want to download YouTube videos to HD, you must enter the YouTube through the software’s built-in browser and download the videos that you want. The steps are as follows:

The first step

Open the AVCWARE  Download YouTube Video and entering in the address bar or click on the YouTube icon to enter the YouTube.

Open YouTube

The second step

Enter the video page that you want to download, such as The software will pop up a prompt box, meaning that, if the video is preceded by advertisements, you will have to wait official video content starts playing until the advertising end and then start the download. If you do not follow this approach, you may download the ads video.
There are two download buttons you can click in the software interface, their functionality is the same.

click download button


The third step

Select the highest definition in the pop-up dialog box. Note that not all YouTube videos are HD versions, but also there is difference between 720p and 1080p HD video. You must choose highest definition. In this way, The HD YouTube videos will download  to your desktop PC.