Aug 062012
With the release of  iOS 6 Beta 4, default, the heavyweight Google application removed from the iOS, interested users will have to use YouTube in the Safari browser or waiting for Google is working on a new YouTube app.
iOS 6 drop YouTube
Earlier, Apple announced that they will use Apple’s own map interface in iOS6. It seems that Apple has completely to reject Google.
Aug 292010

If you want to show your DV video in your iPad, how can you do? I will tell you a software which can transfer your DV AVCHD video directly to iPad and display them by the best iPad video format. My DV is Canon iVIS HF S11. The following is the details.

  • Download the software, Xilisoft iPad Magic from here and install it.
  • power on Canon iVIS HF S11 and and set the DV to video module.
  • Connect  Canon iVIS HF S11 to Computer and select the type of device for the USB connection is Computer/Printer.
  • Connect iPad to computer.
  • Run xilisoft iPad Magic, open the AVCHD video folder in canon disk, Example as Computer > CANON(M) > AVCHD > BDMV > STREAM. Drag the video files (*.mts) to iPad.
  • Xilisoft iPad Magic will convert the *.MTS file to mp4 file that the iPad supported and transfer them to iPad.
Apr 262010

‘PLANTS VS ZOMBIES’ is the best game in my iPhone, I very like it. Yesterday, I make it’s music vidoe as my iPhone Ringtone, below show the steps.

  • Download ‘Zombies on Your Lawn’ music video mp3 from PopCap.
  • Download ‘ImTOO iPhone Ringtone Maker’ from ImTOO, it’s shareware, the trial version has ‘Only up to 10 seconds and no clip function’ limitation.
  • Run the softwar and add the mp3 and make it.
  • 'ZombiesOnYourLawn' Ringtone by ImTOO Ringtone Maker

    'ZombiesOnYourLawn' Ringtone by ImTOO Ringtone Maker

    Click Settings on iPhone, Sounds->Ringtone->Custom, Ok, the ‘Zombies On Your Lawn’ as your iPhone Ringtone.